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The Chalice is a cleric- and fighter-class hero from the base set.

Chalice Quester (Level 1)[]

Chalice Quester.jpg

The Quester has a Strength rating of 5. He has a Physical Attack +2, and as a repeat Dungeon: ability, he can destroy a Disease to draw a card.

Chalice Defender (Level 2)[]

Chalice Defender.jpg

The Defender gets an increase in Strength to 6. His Physical Attack has now become a Magical Attack +3. He retains the Quester's repeat ability; in addition, he gains the ability to draw one card in the dungeon, and he gets (as a Dungeon: ability) +1 Physical Attack per Item that produces light.

Chalice Paladin (Level 3)[]

Chalice Paladin.jpg

The Paladin gains another Strength increase up to 7. His Magical Attack increases to +4. He can draw a card once in the dungeon, and he gains the Spoils ability - buy any one card in the village. He is worth 2 Victory Points.

Rulings and Errata[]