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Curses are special cards included in Thunderstone Advance, replacing the Diseases of Classic Thunderstone.

When a player visits the dungeon and reveals a Curse card from their hand they suffer a -1 Attack penalty for each Curse revealed. This penalty can affect Magic Attack as well if it is an available choice.

With the release of Tower of Ruin, all Curses are also Diseases.

Curses are most often obtained when defeating certain monsters, and typically removed from the player's deck through resting on their turn, or visiting the dungeon with a cleric hero. Every Curse comes with a built in way to remove it.

  • Curse of Discord: Village: Lose 2 gold to destroy this curse.
  • Curse of Shame: Village/Dungeon: Destroy this curse. Draw 2 fewer cards when you draw a new hand.

When a Curse is destroyed it is placed back into the stack of Curse cards. It is not permanently removed from the game, just put back into place for any other unlucky player to obtain later. Curses