The Diin is a wizard-class hero from the Wrath of the Elements set.

Diin Illusionist (Level 1)Edit

Diin Illusionist
The Illusionist has a Magical Attack +2.

Diin Beguiler (Level 2)Edit

Diin Beguiler
The Beguiler has a Magical Attack +2, and allows one Militia in your hand to duplicate all the abilities (including Dungeon: abilities and traits) of another hero in your hand.

Diin Enchanter (Level 3)Edit

Diin Enchanter
The Enchanter has a Magical Attack +3. As a Dungeon: ability, it allows you to discard one Militia, to draw the top hero from any stack. At the end of the Battle, that hero is destroyed. The Enchanter is worth 2 Victory Points.

Rulings and ErrataEdit

This card's effects also apply to Regulars.

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