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The Divine is a cleric-class hero from the Wrath of the Elements set.

Divine Healer (Level 1)[]

Divine Healer.jpg

The Healer has a Physical Attack +1, and can destroy a Disease to draw a card as either a Dungeon: or Village: ability.

Divine Chaplain (Level 2)[]

Divine Chaplain.jpg

The Chaplain has a Physical Attack of +2. It gains Physical Attack +1 for each Disease or Monster card you reveal. In either the Village or the Dungeon, you can use the Chaplain to draw one card.

Divine Prophet (Level 3)[]


The Prophet has a Physical Attack +3. In either the Village or the Dungeon you can destroy 1 Disease to draw 2 cards; additionally, you can draw 2 cards for each Monster revealed in your hand. It is worth 2 Victory Points.

Rulings and Errata[]

Currently, this card does not work with Regulars.