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Hiding away in secret for centuries, the order of the Doomgate Legion have guarded the Stone of Avarice from friend and foe alike. Their cult-like existence known only to a few, the Legionnaires dedicate themselves to the secrecy, protection, and worship of the stone. They are its champions. Its sentinels. Its vanguards.

It is up to you to defeat them.

The second expansion to Thunderstone adds more to the game of “deck-building with a purpose.” Doomgate Legions introduces the Cult of the Doomgate, who have guarded the Stone of Avarice for centuries. This cult, along with a sect of evil druids and other all-new monsters await your heroes as they race to secure the third Thunderstone!

Doomgate Legions features two all-new card types: Mercenaries and Treasures! Mercenaries are henchmen for hire in the village who bring all new abilities to the dungeon. Treasures are found after defeating monsters, providing powerful new benefits for your party! Mystic amulets and legendary armor will take your deck to new heights. But beware: the cultists have been at work on strange and horrifying new Diseases that will pose major hurdles for your heroes!

Card List

  • Heroes
    • Deep
    • Drunari
    • Sidhe
    • Slynn
    • Tempest
    • Tholis
    • Verdan
  • Monsters
    • Abyssal * Thunderspawn
    • Cultist * Humanoid
    • Evil Druid * Humanoid
    • The Swarm
    • Undead * Stormwraith
    • Dungeon Feature
  • Village
    • Blessed Hammer
    • Border Guard
    • Cyclone
    • Divine Staff
    • Doomgate Squire
    • Flask of Oil
    • Fortune Teller
    • Glowberries
    • Greed Blade
    • Pious Chaplain
    • Soul Jar
    • Spirit Blast
    • Spirit Hunter
  • Special
    • Amulet Treasures
    • Guardian
    • Pick Two
    • Ulbrick’s Treasures
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