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WotE Reprint (Hero type added)

Militia are one of the five Basic cards used in Thunderstone. Militia were replaced by the Regular in Thunderstone Advance.

Militia count as Heroes, the cards being re-printed in the WotE expansion to show this. This means any effect that involves the term "Hero" will also affect Militia.

Militia have a strength of 2.

Militia may be levelled up like other heroes for 3 XP, destroying the Militia and obtaining the level 1 version of any other hero currently available in the Village.

Milita may be purchased in the Village for 0 gold. This means that as long as there are any Militia left in stock a player going to the Village will always have something they may purchase even if they haven't enough gold in their hand for anything else.

Milita have an initial gold value of 0, but as they still have a gold value (a gold coin icon), cards such as the Pawnbroker can make use of them.

In a game with the max number of 5 players, all 30 Milita will be distributed evenly to players, leaving none for purchase.

Militia are simply returned to their village stack if destroyed, and may be purchased or otherwise acquired again. However, Militia destroyed from the village stack itself are removed from the game, as normal.