The Outlands is a fighter-class hero from the base set.

Outlands Warrior (Level 1)

Outlands Warrior.jpg
The Warrior has a Physical Attack of +3, and as a Dungeon: ability, can destroy a food item to gain an additional +3 Physical Attack. The Warrior has a Strength of 7.

Outlands Slayer (Level 2)

Outlands Slayer.jpg
The Slayer has a Physical Attack of +5, and a Strength of 8. As a Dungeon: ability, The Slayer can gain +1 Physical Attack for each monster revealed. The Slayer gains the Warrior's Dungeon: ability as a repeat ability.

Outlands Khan (Level 3)

Outlands Khan.jpg
The Khan has a Physical Attack of +7, and a Strength of 8. The Khan loses the Warrior's food ability, and doubles the Slayer's monster ability - for each monster revealed, the Khan gains +2 Physical Attack. Additionally, it is worth 3 Victory Points.

Rulings and Errata

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