The Redblade is a thief- and fighter-class hero from the base set.

Redblade Killer (Level 1)Edit

Redblade Killer
The Killer has a Physical Attack +2, and is worth 1 gold.

Redblade Poisoner (Level 2)Edit

Redblade Poisoner
The Poisoner has a Physical Attack of +3, is worth 2 gold, and as a Dungeon: ability, can make all other players discard 1 card.

Redblade Assassin (Level 3)Edit

Redblade Assassin
The Assassin has a Physical Attack of +4, and is worth 2 gold. As a Dungeon: ability, every other player must discard either 1 hero or 2 cards. Additionally, it is worth 2 Victory Points.

Rulings and ErrataEdit