Thunderstone Advance: Root of Corruption is the ninth release and second expansion for the Advance generation of Thunderstone. In it, after the three Thunderstone Bearers in Caverns of Bane have been defeated, Doom's full plans are revealed. He has corrupted the heart of Tala, Dun Ordha. A monstrous army marches on the capital city, even as the final Thunderstone is revealed to be held by King Caelan himself. Can the adventurers race ahead of an army to save the city from a siege outside the walls and sickly corruption within?

This expansion introduces new challenges and an all-new way to play: co-op. It also features ruinous sin incarnates, vicious scavenger gnolls, thrall summoners to bring back memorable foes, seven new heroes, six new monster groups, fifteen new village cards, and a new poster map board that creates options for co-op play using existing cards and rules! What's more, all Ambusher cards from Towers of Ruin and Caverns of Bane have been reprinted with updated graphics to increase visibility.

Thunderstone Advance: Root of Corruption  includes 7 new heroes, 6 monster types, 4 treasures, and new curses. It deals with the themes of manupulation and use of curses, corruption, and risky gambles.

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