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The Thyrian is a fighter-class hero from the base set.

Thyrian Squire (Level 1)[]


The Squire has a Strength rating of 6.

Any food item may be used for his Dungeon: effect, such as Iron Rations, Feast, or Goodberries. This Effect adds to his base Attack +2 for a total of Attack +4.

Thyrian Knight (Level 2)[]


The Knight gets an increase in Strength to 8.

All Militia revealed with him gain an additional +1 Attack giving them each a base Attack total of 2 before other traits and effects. His other Dungeon Effect remains the same as the Squire at Level 1.

Thyrian Lord (Level 3)[]

The Lord gains another Strength increase up to 9.


His Dungeon Effect for placing a monster in the player's discard pile has the following restrictions.

  • It cannot be used on monsters of 0 VP value, only 1 or 2
  • If the monster was in rank 1 and would cause the Thunderstone to be placed into that rank, the player does not claim the Thunderstone.

Each non-fighter hero revealed with the Lord gain the +2 Attack bonus. Multiple copies of the Lord do not grant their bonus to each other, as they are all fighters.